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With Dave on your side,
your next deal is sure
to be sweet as honey!

Dave'll be at your side,
helping you to keep
the path safe.

Motivation is not a
problem with someone
as charged up as Dave.



With Dave, you'll always
know what your gonna get!

He'll stand on his head
to help a customer.

Life is full
of scarry creatures.
Let Dave take the
animal out of
your next purchase

You will be given
royal treatment
when you purchase
your next castle.

You'll feel so good,
you'll think it's Christmas.

When it comes to
looking out for his
Dave can't be beat.

No mountain is too high,
no water too deep.

Who you gonna call?

Dave is ready to
defend you in your
real estate transactions.

When customer satisfaction
is the goal,
Dave will do what it takes.

Dave will fight
all the spooks
that come your way.

Dave will dig deap to
find the right property
or home for you.